[ RadSafe ] OBJECTION To List Admin "Countdown to Zero" disarmament movie

Shane Connor webmaster at ki4u.com
Mon Aug 16 02:56:07 CDT 2010

My apologies for any offense, it was not my intention.

I did not demonize "the Muslims", but stated that all 9/11 attackers
were "Sunni Muslims", and while most all were from Saudi Arabia,
none were from Iran, not a one. Those are just facts.

I see much demonizing of all Arabs & Muslims in US and thought
it was a good thing to point out an example that not all those from
Iran, and of Islamic faith, are the same, and thus should not all be
grouped together with their radical leadership. Many never make
any such distinctions, and you certainly should appreciate that.

Also, while not all Saudi's are terrorists, there's been a very high
% of both high profile terrorists, and their supporters, being from
Saudi Arabia, and that are Sunni's. Those well established facts
should not be ignored or dismissed as just being 'derogatory'...


I do agree with you, though, we've gotten off "radiation safety"
here, and will strive to more strictly stay that course in the future.

Shane Connor

At 12:49 AM 8/16/2010, you wrote:
>I do find it strange that you selectively choose not to daemonize 
>the population of Iran, yet you went without any restrictions and 
>daemonized the Arabs, the Muslims and in particular the Saudis.
>I consider these remarks as derogatory and indicate that you are 
>using the RadSafe list to spread hatred and prejudice.
>RadSafe admin is requested to take notice of this, and try to keep 
>the messages transmitted using the list within its intended purpose.
>Ahmad Al-Ani
>Radiation Physicist

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