[ RadSafe ] Researcher finds revolutionary way to treat eye cancer

Alston, Chris ALSTONCJ at gunet.georgetown.edu
Tue Aug 31 12:16:55 CDT 2010


That is what I assumed.  And it is a wonderful, probably game-changing idea (given that the trials support it).  Bear in mind that I-125 seeds are about an effective energy of 28 keV; Pd-103 seeds are about 21 keV.  So, it is hard to see that the technique would be useful for medium-E photons.  I wonder if it would not be useful for beta emitters though;  there should be minimal bremsstrahlung.


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Interesting.  I assume it works by increasing the density of the fluid inside 
the eyeball, thus providing more absorption of the radiation before it reaches 
other structures.  

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