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Aug. 31

         Yes, I live in NM, and I'm so lethargic I could scarcely 
bring myself to write this posting.  Yaaaawn . . . .

Steven Dapra

At 08:23 PM 8/30/2010, Jerry Cohen wrote:
>Of course low-level radiation exposure causes CFS. That explains why 
>people in
>Colorado and New Mexico are so lethargic compared to those who live 
>in coastal
>areas with lower background radiation;-)
>  Whatsamatter, don't you like science?
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>August 30, 2010
>          This quote is from the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Foundation's
>press release, whose full text is at the bottom of this posting:
>"Gail Kansky, President, stated, "The Foundation's real revelation came
>when our staff linked specific research on mitochondrial DNA deletions, first
>published by Australian scientists in 1995, to work published by
>scientists in Ireland in 2005."
>          This is the link to the Australian work:
>          This is the link to the work done in Ireland:
>          Links to these papers, and more material, will be found at
>this Foundation link:
>          Another press release quote says, "The Foundation has also
>noted that CFS has been previously identified as a characteristic
>aftermath of radioecological catastrophe."  This catastrophe is ---
>of course --- Chernobyl.  The Foundation link has links to papers (in
>PDF) purporting to explain all this.
>          The Australian paper is "Unusual pattern of mitochondrial
>DNA deletions in skeletal muscle of an adult human with Chronic
>Fatigue Syndrome," by Zhang, Baumer, Mackay, Linnane,and Nagley; in:
>Human Molecular Genetics 4(4):751-754; 1995.
>          The paper from Ireland is "Mitochondrial DNA point mutations
>and a novel deletion induced by direct Low-LET radiation and by
>medium from irradiated cells, by Murphy, Nugent, Seymour, and
>Mothersill; in: Mutation Research, 585(___): 127-136; 2005.
>          All of this is far over my head, so I can not discuss it.  I
>am merely providing the links and citations.
>Steven Dapra

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