[ RadSafe ] Airport X-Ray scanners

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I assume that x-ray device rules are the same as radioactive material
Federal Agencies are only exempt from State rules if they are located on
Federal "land" -- areas over 
which the Federal government exercises legal control without
interference from the jurisdiction and 
administration of State law i.e. area of exclusive federal jurisdiction.

Airports are generally owned/operated/policed by municipalities, so
unless it is an Air Force base, I don't' think an airport would be
considered a location of Exclusive Federal Jurisdiction.


Cary Renquist
cary.renquist at ezag.com

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All very good questions. The answer is that NOBODY licenses, or
the units themselves or the users of these scanners.  The regulation of 
the use of x-rays is ordinarily the responsibility of the states. FDA 
regulates the manufacturers of the equipment but the installation and
of all such equipment is under state authority.  The problem is that TSA

is a federal agency. As such it is immune from regulation by the states.

Another federal agency could regulate TSA, but no federal agency has
given authority to do so.  In effect TSA is self-regulated when it comes

to the application of radiation to humans.  But, don't worry. They are 
only trying to protect us.

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