[ RadSafe ] CRT monitor radiation "scare" at Newark airport

Strickert, Rick rstrickert at signaturescience.com
Mon Dec 20 16:39:46 CST 2010

In releasing a statement that "computer monitors normally emit small amounts of radiation," could it be that some FBI or airport agent quickly looked up Wikipedia's section on "Cathode Ray Tube - Ionizing radiation" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cathode_ray_tube#Ionizing_radiation) and paraphrased the information to waiting journalists, who may have also checked Wikipedia to confirm what they were told?

In checking the news stories (676 so far) which I read (significantly less than 676) about the FBI statement that the radiation was "normal for this device," none of the new reports raised the question of what that measured radiation level was and in what units.

It's like sheeple nodding in agreement when a politician claims his plan will raise some  education/health/job satisfaction level of everyone to above the average. 

Rick Strickert
Austin, TX

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