[ RadSafe ] Tonight's NCIS 'dirty bomb' episode

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Actually as bizarre as it sounds the Russians are studying this. The logic is that at near fatal doses toxins are concentrated in the Lymph system, this fluid injected into unexposed individuals will cause the same symptoms as radiation sickness and even death in the unexposed individual (obviously at greater levels than just causal fluid contact !) . They are trying to create a vaccine to neutralize these toxin. I don't think any of these publications are in English yet though. 


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You missed the episode of "24" last night, where the doctor who was being
forced to treat the Russian Mafiosi that had severe radiation sickness
(after smuggling "weapons grade" uranium rods.....) explained to the brother
to be very careful, as radiation sickness can be transmitted through bodily

Don't you love the fact checkers these dimwits use......

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