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Well stated. Those who are opposed to NPP growth will certainly seize on any negative item, whether or not there is significance or not. About 3 days a week there is an anti-nuclear article in the Orange County Register (Southern California) taken off of AP or other news outlet.

Maybe we should just shut down all of the reactors and outsource our energy requirements 100% to our enemies. Hell, it's only 20% of our energy supply, but then again, 100% dependence on those who can cripple us economically, or physically, a lot of sense. Right!

Europe and Asia understand that the nuclear option must be priority 1, and they are pursuing this aggressively. I think that "we're" just too damn stupid to "finally get it", even after 1973, the crisis in the 80s, 90s and today. Oh well, Gump had it right all along!

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Very good technical discussions by y'all . . .

BUT : you are missing the big picture

As in the past, we're at the beginning of a possible growth in Nuclear Power.  The 'antis' will use what ever tools they have to get in the way.
And ya know what's really a shame about it ?
 . . .We (scientists) give them the tools !

We just did it again on RadSafe....
I'll use 3 sentences as quotes for my newspaper article
  (look at it from a lay persons view point)

1.    "But in 2005, the National Academy of Sciences concluded
         after an exhaustive study that even the tiniest amount of
         ionizing radiation increases the risk of cancer."

2     An almost unique property of Tritium is
       that it is detectable even in miniscule quantities.

3.   It's worse than just being detectable in miniscule quantities.

>From Maury's note :
   "The End-Of-The-World ceremony is scheduled at noon tomorrow.

My   Eyemissedit TV News sound bite:
     "World Ends at 10, live coverage at 11"

Have a great day

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