[ RadSafe ] Vermont Yankee leaking tritium - what me worry?

Stabin, Michael michael.g.stabin at Vanderbilt.Edu
Wed Feb 3 18:27:49 CST 2010

>It's not about dose, it's about trust.

Of course it's about dose, but that's not the point to some. If we wring our hands about this, we have to wring our hands about the local major industry and its incessant 'leaking of radiation' - a nuclide with a 1.3 BILLION year half-life, with 1,460,000 eV photons ripping through the flesh of our children and pregnant women daily. Yes, I'm of course discussing....bananas... My gosh there are radioactive smoke detectors in many of our homes, a nuclide with a 430 year half-life, DEADLY alpha particles...same old, same old. It's about truth, but many gave up about caring about the truth years ago. If the truth doesn't matter, that trace levels of strontium in baby teeth is normal, that a little tritium in the environment is FAR less potentially harmful to you than the burger and fries you just ate while reading the article that alarmed you, and far worse, that some of the professionals who know better are willing to continually line their pockets by furthering the scariness...the song says...what are we fightin for? I'm totally content cuz I know the Truth and the Truth has set me free!


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