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Not having seen the movie mentioned, not being a real specialist in x-ray
dentistry but having experience as a dentistry patient and a "little" in
radiation protection I would like to pose the following questions:

All dental status x-raying I have undergone during decades was performed by
x-ray machines. Co-60 does not emit x-rays, but hard gamma rays, so it
cannot be used in x-ray machines. How does this cope with this obviously
silly film??? Why are these basic (deliberate) "errors" not mentioned on

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Some other observations from last night's NCIS show (Spoiler Alert!):

At the scene where a car exploded and burned during a police chase the night
before, while having a problem using his cell phone near the burnt wreckage,
an NCIS agent observed, "I know something that could cause local RF

The old CDV-700 was brought to detect what later another NCIS agent
determined was "a minute trace of radiation" from Co-60.

Later another NCIS agent took the CDV-700 and was playfully spinning the GM
detector around by the HV cable just before entering another location to
check for more Co-60.  
And where did the Co-60 come from?  Later the agents are told by a dentist
that his 15 Co-60 units, used for dental x-rays, were recently stolen.  The
worried NCIS agents mutter, "That's enough for five dirty bombs when

[So now do-it-yourself terrorist know that all they have to do is grind up
three stolen dental x-ray machines to make a 'dirty bomb'.  ;-)]

The rest of the show and the plot ending were pretty much downhill from

Rick Strickert
Austin, TX

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