[ RadSafe ] Vermont Yankee leaking tritium --- time to panic(?)

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Thu Feb 4 19:39:54 CST 2010

Feb. 4

         You are correct about the capabilities for launching 
lawsuits and other obstructive behaviors.  This only points up the 
problem.  If we lived in a sane society these suits would be thrown 
out instantly.

         If there are any "sincere souls" doing this they are so 
ignorant, or naive, or both, that it defies description.  Sincere or 
not, their suits should be dismissed.

Steven Dapra

At 11:19 PM 2/3/2010, Maury Siskel wrote:
>Hi Steve,
>For my taste, a central problem is that the cited 'public' are very 
>capable of launching lawsuits and other obstructive behaviors 
>apparently for the purpose of denying nuclear power as any general 
>source of energy.. In some instances, it must be granted that 
>sincere souls do this to preclude harm to the population.
>The end result, however, is that energy crucial to the growth of a 
>society is denied -- or that vast resources of a society are 
>diverted to control global temperature when there is no evidence 
>that such a goal is attainable or that .... etc. etc.
>I believe these scenarios keep the nation headed very much in a 
>harmful direction.
>Steven Dapra wrote:
>>Feb. 3
>>         Who is this "public" who is so concerned?  A bunch of 
>> aging hippies and ill-informed college students who constitute an 
>> infinitesimally small percentage of the general population.  Their 
>> chief credential is that they know how to make a lot of 
>> noise.  They also excel at guerrilla theater.
>>Steven Dapra
>>At 01:52 PM 2/2/2010, you wrote:
>>>It's not about dose, it's about trust.
>>>You can argue health effects all you want, but that doesn't stop 
>>>public concern.
>>>The question is not whether the industry is harming the public, 
>>>but whether the industry can be trusted to properly manage the technology.
>>>BTW:  This is industry policy, see the NEI announcement of it's 
>>>groundwater protection initiative:
>>>Bill Lipton
>>>doctorbill at post.harvard.edu
>>>On Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 2:51 PM, Jerry Cohen <jjc105 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>> > An almost unique property of Tritium is that it is detectable 
>>> even in  miniscule quantities. Somehow there is a tendency, 
>>> particularly among  non-technical people, to equate detectability 
>>> with hazard. Paradoxically,  tritium, under almost any credible 
>>> exposure scenario is essentially  innocuous. Can anyone suggest a 
>>> credible accident sequence involving tritium  that might lead to 
>>> health consequences worthy of concern?
>>> > Jerry Cohen
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>>> > What do we do about K-40??  How about the difference in 
>>> exposures in places  like Denver??  Places in India and Brazil 
>>> where they have higher than normal  levels of background?  Is 
>>> this like the Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?  Must we stop 
>>> breathing?  The more 'intelligent' these people think they are
>>> > , the siller the Reports.
>>> >
>>> > Ed Baratta
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>>> >  "But in 2005, the National Academy of Sciences concluded after 
>>> an exhaustive study that even the tiniest amount of  ionizing 
>>> radiation increases the risk of cancer."
>>> >
>>> >  From the article, the voice of authority as understood by the 
>>> public.  Of course, the statement, once made was not carried  to 
>>> its logical conclusions.
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