[ RadSafe ] News Item Online - Belgian Activists Breach Nuclear Weapons Site

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Thu Feb 4 19:54:21 CST 2010

Feb. 4

         It certainly looks true.  The last photo at the link shows 
an obviously Army vehicle, and the hairless man is in a uniform --- 
although oddly enough he is wearing no headgear, which makes him out 
of uniform.

         Perhaps NATO should hire some of the goon squads from 
so-called Homeland Security to perform security at the NATO 
bases.  Joke!  Joke!  That's a joke!

Steven Dapra

At 06:00 PM 2/4/2010, blreider at aol.com wrote:

>This story was on a few sites.  Not directly an HP issue, but I 
>thought it would be of interest.  The story says that on Feb 4th 
>(today) Belgian peace activists climbed over a fence at a NATO 
>airforce site, walked across a runway, and then breached a double 
>security fence and walked to an area where 10-20 American nuclear 
>weapons possibly are stored.
>If this is true this is a big breach of security.

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