[ RadSafe ] Explosion at N-gas plant in CT

Bjorn Cedervall bcradsafers at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 8 06:46:38 CST 2010

I wonder what conclusion Mangano et al. will draw regarding Millstone NPP (less than about 50 kms SE of Middletown if I don't have my geography totally wrong):



Tragic but everything we do as long as we live is risky.


There is also some older research reactor (AEC plant??) further east if I remember right - and then Brookhaven of course.


Bjorn Cedervall   bcradsafers at hotmail.com

PS. See also


and how Alec Baldwin asks for baby teeth (right now he is in some new movie as a virile male personality or something simlilar - I guess It´s complicated - just as radioactivity). The other anti-nuclear argument from RPHP/TFP is here:




 > Feb. 7
> Fortunately this did not happen in a power reactor.
> http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20100208/us_nm/us_energy_explosion
> Steven Dapra

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