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" NY Times -  more than 300 patients in four hospitals were overradiated by powerful CT scans used to detect strokes. The overdoses were first discovered last year at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, where patients received up to eight times as much radiation as intended. 

"The errors occurred over 18 months and were detected only after patients lost their hair." 

What would happen with 8x sunbath or UV tanning salon exposure or dose of coumadin (rat poison taken by millions to save thousands of lives from clots)? Smell burning skin or write obituaties, instead of hair loss! 

This radiophobia is pretext to expand larceny of government, which now increases salaries while private pay is cut! I believe those hospitals will suffer reputation harm far more safety-inducing than oppressive "oversight". 

How about the millions of people scared out of CTs in cancer-inhibiting doses that would detect unsuspected kidney cancer, dubious brain clots, etc. (10 to100 mSv)? 

Howard Long, family doctor, Pleasanton CA 
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Some food for thought for my fellow Radsafers.  Looks like the FDA is 
finally addressing all of the over-exposures that occur daily in this 


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