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What a thrilling development! Just think, the Administration promises to 
double (double as in 200% mind you) production of electricity by wind 
and solar within 10 years (WOW!) -- or some such foolishness from 2% to 
4%. Boy, doesn't that just tingle you?
Keep yer kerosene lamps and candles handy.
Maury&Dog  (MaurySiskel  maurysis at peoplepc.com)
PS Th end of the world is near -- call me for end of the world insurance 
-- discounts on second Tuesdays
Doug Aitken wrote:

>I really liked the article on the replacement of the nuclear plant with a
>couple of wing turbines (capable of producing 1/8000 of the potential output
>of the nuc. plant):
>This is a clear demonstration of just how rational people can be. Let's see
>how they like having dozens of turbines churning away offshore......
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