[ RadSafe ] Guv blocks two depleted uranium shipment - The Salt Lake Tribune

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An article in the Salt Lake Tribune - TUESDAY, February 23, 2010:


Towards the end of the article was the following:

"Beginning today Utah Division of Radiation Control staff will begin taking
content samples from 171 of the nearly 5,000 drums of Savannah River
depleted uranium that the Energy Department shipped to Utah in December. The
waste's been placed in a disposal cell, but not buried, pending a final Gov.
Gary Herbert-Energy Department agreement."


"DU: Not ordinary radioactive waste"
"Depleted uranium is classified as Class A low-level waste, which, by
definition, loses its radiological hazard over a century. The concern with
DU is that while it's less radioactive now, over time it becomes more
hazardous, peaking in danger after 1 million years. So, is it reasonable for
policy makers to focus on its current hazard, its hazard in 10,000 years or
later? And what about the possibility -- some scientists insist it's a
certainty -- that the Great Salt Lake will someday rise again, breach the
Utah disposal site and spread the hazard?"

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