[ RadSafe ] 'The risks of nuclear energy are not exaggerated'

Mark Ramsay mark.ramsay at ionactive.co.uk
Wed Jan 20 00:40:10 CST 2010

Morning All.

Following on from a previous summary I presented (based on recent
articles in the UK Guardian Newspaper regarding radiation risk etc),
here is the latest to appear in the paper (in response to the Simon
Jenkins initial article).

"The risks of nuclear energy are not exaggerated"

What I find quite interesting is that in the previous articles (which
represented a view that the risks of radiation were over exaggerated),
there were many responses that argued very much against this. Now we
have an article that is written from the other perspective (i.e. risks
are not exaggerated) and will now find many comments arguing against
that too (although it is fair to say there were for and against for each

Whilst many in the lists 'might' view these articles superficially, I
still think it is good that this sort of subject  matter can get into
the main media and still retain interest some weeks later (whatever your
view point).

The article is found at the link below.




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