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franz.schoenhofer at chello.at franz.schoenhofer at chello.at
Tue Jul 6 12:05:06 CDT 2010

Dear Don,

You describe yourself as an engineer, but most of all you are a very honest person in saying, that you are "not a scientist"! This is in very sharp contrast to all those "Busbys (Busbies?)", the Greenpeace "experts" (usually  students dropped out after a year of studying biology or similar), the "Mothers against Nuclear", all those anti-DU and antinuclear "scientists" frequently mentioned on RADSAFE, the hundreds if not thousands of groups fighting against anything nuclear and also radioactive and of course including all the green and non-green politicians who have not the slightest idea about radioactivity or anything nuclear but want to be reelected. Not to forget all those journalists, who make their money by raising the adrenalin level of their readers or viewers by distributing all the messages of those "independent scientists" giving them a forum and a basis for funding. 

You try to argue with common sense (I usually try it too), but so far we have obviously not succeeded.

Best regards and good luck with "common sense arguments"!


I wrote this on 6th of July, 2010, 18:55. I have been informed recently and indirectly by the list owner, that my messages will be monitored in the future. The reason is that I forwarded messages of a troll on RADSAFE, in  which he tried to insult me with unbelievable words and I suggested to remove this person from the list. I have problems to understand this, but I do not know whether my messages will be forwarded. Most important is that you receive it. I'll see whether and when it will reach the list.

Best regards again. 

---- dckosloff at firstenergycorp.com schrieb:
> Group,
> I am an engineer, not a scientist, but what kind of science is this: "By
> comparing the sample population rates to the cancer rates in Egypt and
> Jordan" (quoted from below).
> Don Kosloff
> License Renewalist
> Oak Harbor OH

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