[ RadSafe ] Compensation to radiation victims legal requirements

parthasarathy k s ksparth at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jun 1 05:59:59 CDT 2010

Dear list members,

am interested to know whether there are any rules and regulations in
the USA or any other country under which a licensee of a radioactive
source has to pay compensation to persons injured by radiation or
suffered property loss due to spread of radioactive contamination.

am including workers and members of the public. The injury may be due
to careless or inadvertent handling of radioactive sources or unusual
incidents involving spread of radioactive contamination 

shall greatly appreciate soft copies  of the regulations. If any of the
list members are aware of the practices in other countries, I  request
their response as well. 

I understand that there are instances in which radiation workers who suffered cancer were compensated by Government after reviewing their radiation exposure history etc. Is there any legal basis for such decicions.

With best regards
K.S Parthasarathy


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