[ RadSafe ] Radioactive steam generators...

Jess L. Addis III ajess at clemson.edu
Wed Jun 2 11:12:58 CDT 2010

Big equipment like steam generators should be pretty easy to determine if
they are still contaminated and separate the tube sheets and remove the
primary tubing. Anything left from primary to secondary leaks inside the
shell would be relatively easy to remove and verify with hand held detectors
if clean or not.  I think the primary channel heads are removed prior to
removal of the generator from the reactor containment. I'm thinking PWR's

Sort of a shame to let all that 10" thick manganese molybdenum steel go to

I wonder how many who signed the petition have any knowledge of radiation
protection or reactor systems.

How about all those people eating the highly contaminated lite salt - on
purpose? :=)

L. Addis, RSO
Clemson U.

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