[ RadSafe ] Custom Reactors????

JPreisig at aol.com JPreisig at aol.com
Tue Jun 15 09:55:44 CDT 2010

Dear Radsafe:

      This is from:    jpreisig at aol.com    .

       Hello All,

            I see some of you RADSAFE folks are mourning the passing on of
       one of the ANL/U of Chicago research reactors/piles.  I always 
wanted to
       see Stagg Field at the U. of Chicago.

             Guess some of you neutron scattering types might have to settle
       for doing research at the Spallation Neutron Source at Oak Ridge????
       Research reactors in the USA are getting hard to come by.

              Hmmm, there is that company or a few companies building small 
       reactors, possibly custom research reactors also????  Imagine a young
       neutron scattering professor <possibly a list moderator????> writing
       a research grant to fund acquisition of a small research reactor for 
       University, possibly accompanied by a research grant application to
       fund acquisition of a supercomputer for data analysis.

              Imagine a US government agency and/or a US company ordering
       a custom reactor used to make make medical Tc-99 for patient use.
       Wonder if any of this can be actually done???

              Heard a story on Sixty Minutes of a lady doing animal cloning 
      actually cloning critters from skin cells.  Other folks were 
      cloning dinosaurs from frozen dead dinosaurs.  Heck, please don't 
      any dinosaurs --- they will kill, stomp or eat us human types.

               Wonder what a small reactor would cost?????

            Have a good week at work!!!!

             Regards,     Joseph R. <Joe> Preisig, Ph.D.


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