[ RadSafe ] Claimed FACTSHEET: Uranium Weapons By Lizzy Bloem

Roger Helbig rhelbig at sfo.com
Mon Jun 21 06:09:47 CDT 2010


Note the progress that ICBUW has had with its propaganda campaign - has
anyone on this list provided factual material to any political body to
counteract this effective campaign of lies?  Their next target is nuclear
power.  Go look at Cathy Garger's little event featuring the eminent
scientists Janette Sherman and Rosalie Bertell that is going to be held in
Baltimore, MD on the 70th anniversary of the Trinity Test at the Enoch Pratt
Free Library unless someone makes that august library's board come to their
senses.  See www.unholytrinityday.com  .

The ICBUW lists the following recent triumphs in "Latest News on this page" 

Latest news

European Parliament recommends that Council of Ministers supports action on
depleted uranium at 2010 General Assembly.
The European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee has urged Europe's
Council of Ministers - the principal decision-making institution on Security
and Foreign Policy matters of the European Union - to support EU work
towards controls on depleted uranium weapons at the United Nations 65th
Session this year. 

ICBUW launches new discussion paper in preparation for UN First Committee
ICBUW has prepared a new discussion paper focusing on the post conflict
management of uranium weapons and its implications for DU users. 

German coalition launches with call for government to work towards global
treaty ban
German NGOs have launched a domestic coalition to campaign against uranium
weapons following a meeting in Berlin. 

Event report: Uranium weapons: Humanitarian consequences and international
Report from the exhibition and seminar organised by Handicap International
Germany and others into the impact of depleted uranium munitions on April
22nd in Munich. 

ICBUW workshops at the NPT Review Conference, New York May 2010
ICBUW will be involved in three open workshops around the upcoming NPT
Review Conference.

Roger Helbig

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