[ RadSafe ] Claimed FACTSHEET: Uranium Weapons By Lizzy Bloem

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Tue Jun 22 19:26:32 CDT 2010

June 22

         Thank you, Maury.

Steven Dapra

At 08:25 PM 6/21/2010, Maury Siskel wrote:
>Hi Steve,
>I did not know either; so here is a part of what I've just 
>learned.... <g>  I think it boils down to miniature nuclear weapons; 
>i.e., yields  = 1 to 100 tons of TNT and as such they fall outside 
>the jurisdiction of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT)
>Fourth Generation Nuclear Weapons
>The Physical Principles Of Thermonuclear Explosives, Inertial 
>Confinement Fusion, And The Quest For Fourth Generation Nuclear Weapons
>by Andre Gsponer and Jean-Pierre Hurni

>Fifth Edition: March 1999

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