[ RadSafe ] Burma's Fledgling Nuclear Program

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Dear Group:
I understand that this is likely to be proliferation from North Korea's
weapons' program. Another tragedy in the making.
Dan ii
IAEA to investigate Burma's nuclear program

Updated June 30, 2010 20:43:24

It's been a rumour for years but now the international nuclear watchdog has
formally turned its attention to Burma. The International Atomic Energy
Agency is understood to be investigating a report, written by one of its own
former directors. The document draws on a new dossier of material which was
smuggled out of Burma, by a Burmese weapons expert. The IAEA has approached
the Burmese regime asking it to explain why it appears to be manufacturing
parts for nuclear weapons.

Presenter: Jeff Waters
Speakers: Robert Kelly, former director of the International Atomic Energy

 <http://tinyurl.com/BurmaNuc> http://tinyurl.com/BurmaNuc 

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