[ RadSafe ] Nuclear Power as Part of Our Energy Surety & Economic Security Future (Part 3)

Miller, Mark L mmiller at sandia.gov
Mon Mar 15 09:04:17 CDT 2010

Just for perspective, The TARP bill was about $700 billion.  One nuclear plant ~ $6-10B.  Arguably, the U.S. could have "invested" in up to 90 nuclear power plants (with a 60-80 year production future) if we had put our mind to it.
If we want safe, cost-effective, reliable, non-carbon electricity we must include nuclear power as part of our overall energy portfolio. Failing that, we are going to wake up one cloudy, windless day when the light switch doesn't work and discover we've forfeited our capacity to lead the world because we ignored nuclear power, a problem-solving technology that we ourselves invented.
Final thoughts:
1. Power Diversity = Surety
2. No single energy source is viable, or secure.
3. Government/ Laboratory Leadership is critical.
4. We must predictably and consistently provide incentives to individuals and businesses (rationally and long-term so that planning and investment decisions can be made) to diversify to ensure increasing momentum in the nuclear renaissance.
5. There will be increasing potential for regional and global conflict over access to conventional energy resources.  Failing to provide leadership that has the potential to benefit billions of people is not acceptable.
We have a unique opportunity to individually make meaningful contributions from our respective fields of expertise and interdisciplinary networks to address the larger challenges facing us!  This country's (and the world's) future well being depends on a reasoned and scientific response to the fact before us.  We are morally bound to "reach out" to others so that we can share what we know in order to counter misinformation that hurts our fellow citizens (and perhaps the planet).  It's not too late to start.  We have exactly enough time ... starting NOW!

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