[ RadSafe ] WHO study has no clear answer on phones and cancer

Yoss, Robert ryoss at mcw.edu
Mon May 17 08:18:13 CDT 2010

A study by the World Health Organisation's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the largest ever to look at possible links between mobile phones and brain cancer, threw up inconclusive results but researchers said suggestions of a possible link demanded deeper examination.

"The results really don't allow us to conclude that there is any risk associated with mobile phone use, but... it is also premature to say that there is no risk associated with it," the IARC's director Christopher Wild told Reuters.

The results of the study have been keenly awaited by mobile phone companies and by campaign groups who have raised concerns about whether mobile phones cause brain tumors.

Years of research have failed to establish a connection.

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Bob Yoss

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