[ RadSafe ] Health Physicist Position Vacancy on USAJOBS

Nielsen.Erik at epamail.epa.gov Nielsen.Erik at epamail.epa.gov
Thu May 20 07:59:32 CDT 2010

A position vacancy announcement has been posted for a Health Physicist 
(GS-1306-13), for the USEPA, Radiation & Indoor Environments National 
Laboratory / Center for Environmental Restoration, Monitoring and 
Emergency Response  in Las Vegas, Nevada
The vacancy may be found at www.usajobs.com
Search for Position #88182935
Do not contact me about this position. The vacancy announcement has all 
the information available. I am not involved in the hiring process.

Erik C. Nielsen
Health Physicist
USEPA, National Air and Radiation Environmental Laboratory
540 South Morris Ave.
Montgomery, AL 36115
Phone 334-270-3475
Fax 334-270-3454

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