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Bjorn Cedervall bcradsafers at hotmail.com
Mon May 24 03:37:54 CDT 2010

To me this is a warning signal:



I have now read the introduction (two pages written by the main authors of the publication) of the report from the NY Acad of Sciences. It surprised my in a few ways:

1. A suggestive language at a few points (guilt by association - it would have been stronger to leave such rhetorics aside).

2. A strange use of words where the distinction between words like radiation, radioactivity and radiation dose is unclear. (did the editorial staff have their grandchildren in their laps as they were watching TV?)

3. A language that superficially may seem quantitative than qualititative but actually is vague like "How many radionuclides spread over the world?" and "No fewer than three billion persons inhabit areas contaminated by Chernobyl's radionuclides".

(definition of "contaminated" and relevance please! I am sure that some definition could include anyone on this planet but that can hardly matter much to the majority of humans.).


The authors also seem to trash dose as a relevant concept for radiation based disease.


Nevertheless, I will give the main report a chance to communicate what it does but the reading will no doubt be critical.


My personal ideas only,


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