[ RadSafe ] Doctors unaware of CT radiation risks

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The point made below by Pete Baily that " HPs don't know a lot about pharmacology" is not germane. HPs are not involved in drug administration decisions.

However, IF the study published reviewing over a dozen studies to suggest what fraction of practicing physicians are ill-informed about CT doses and risks is indeed accurate, then there is a problem. How can there be a serious discussion among physicians, regulators, and the public about
 what might be done about the ever increasing use of CT leading to a very large increase in total radiation exposure of the public [per recent NCRP reports on this issue] if a goodly number of physicians are not familiar with CT rad exposures and risks?

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I really don't find that 'fact' bothersome . . . 

 . . . I'm sure med HPs don't know a lot about pharmacology, for example.

What is disturbing . . .
 . . . I sense (I'm not in med HP) the med hps are not 'consulted' prior
       to the Drs discussion with a patient on 'routine' CT & MRI.

I would be more upset if the sonologist(?) 
 wasn't sure, or thought 'yes',
relative to ultrasound procedures involve ionizing radiation.

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A link is shown below to a disturbing, recently published study of how many 
physicians underestimate CT rad risks, and how many think MRI, and ultrasound 
procedures involve ionizing radiation! See:


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