[ RadSafe ] Keeping an open mind Are we keeping an open mind?

parthasarathy k s ksparth at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Oct 16 19:37:43 CDT 2010

Dear Dr Gary Isenhower,

From the discussions on the climate change issue by a few members of the list, I 
got the impression that most of those who contributed their views were not 
keeping an open mind. My knowledge of the field is limited. In such instances I 
tried to look for the views of scholarly bodies. I am aware of the controversies 
surrounding the IPPC. It appears to me that there is some vested interest in 
some groups of individuals.

There were comments made on the views of APS. But the National Academy of 
Sciences seems to support broadly the conclusions of IPPC. The British Royal 
Society has come out with a summary of its observations on climate science. 

It concludes thus: 

"There is strong evidence that changes in greenhouse gas concentrations due to 
activity are the dominant cause of the global warming that has taken place over 
the last
half century. This warming trend is expected to continue as are changes in 
over the long term in many regions. Further and more rapid increases in sea 
level are
likely which will have profound implications for coastal communities and 

The report ends with the following:

..........."Like many important decisions, policy choices about climate change 
have to be made in
the absence of perfect knowledge. Even if the remaining uncertainties were
substantially resolved, the wide variety of interests, cultures and beliefs in 
society would
make consensus about such choices difficult to achieve. However, the potential 
of climate change are sufficiently serious that important decisions will need to 
be made.
Climate science – including the substantial body of knowledge that is already 
established, and the results of future research – is the essential basis for 
future climate
projections and planning, and must be a vital component of public reasoning in 
complex and challenging area."....

 [Royal Society Climate change: a summary of the science .September 2010].

This report is available at


I find it extremely difficult to believe that every scholarly body has vested 
interest in the field. I am conscious of the fact that I belong to a minority in 
the list. I  am sure that there are many in the list who likes to remain silent. 

I personally believe that there is no need for supporting nuclear power for its 
green-house reducing attributes.



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