[ RadSafe ] Focus = Fraud, not CO2

garyi at trinityphysics.com garyi at trinityphysics.com
Mon Oct 18 15:47:23 CDT 2010

Some list members are a bit sidetracked on the issued of CO2 (classic example of Red 
Herring, with a dash of ad hominem), so I am renaming the thread to help anyone who might 
be struggling to zero in on the central issue, fraud.  Nothing that we wish to know about 
climate change can be known while the data is suspect, so it is pointless to keep talking 
about CO2.  OTOH, the numerical trickery employed by some AGW "scientists" is easily 
spotted by anyone with basic scientific training.

With that bit of clarification, I hope that someone will look over the info here:


and make pertinent comments.  There are lots of other places for finding the same 
information, and lots of other damning evidence of fraud.  If anyone cares for a  list of links I 
will post one.

-Gary Isenhower

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