[ RadSafe ] Fwd: Two Chernobyl related publications in 21 Century Science and Technnology

Howard Long howard.long at comcast.net
Mon Oct 25 13:49:02 CDT 2010

State of Fear victims (esp Hanford area) note that the Chernobyl graphs and pictures referred here by Bobby confirm there were NO increased gen pop deaths (ergo, thyroid ca "increase" was from more sensitive screening).

Cancer DECREASE is also shown for the population exposed to the higher (healthier) doses! Hormesis! Hanford folks, stop fberating nuclear power! If there were increased radiation 
( my own measurements around  Palo Verde showed not more there), people would benefit, as this reference shows again.

Pray that not so many Californians are similarly duped about more atmospheric CO2 
damage that they continue to elect job-killers - as well as nuclear energy and drilling killers.
Howard Long 

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> Subject: Two Chernobyl related publications in 21 Century Science and Technnology

> To: Howard Long, Ed Baratta, Dan McCarn, Jeff Terry, George Stanford, Shailendra Shukla, Jim Darrough, Jerry Cohen, Philip Egidi, Daniel Kane, Jim Hardeman
> Hi All:
> Attached are the following two publications that I thought you may find to be of interest:
> Jaworowski Z. Observations on Chernobyl After 25 Years of Radiophobia. 21st Century Science & Technology, Summer 2010, pp. 30-45.
> Jaworowski Z. Belarus Repopulating Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. 21st Century Science & Technology, Summer 2010, pp. 46-47.
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