[ RadSafe ] backscatter dose and CO2 capture

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Thanks, John, for forwarding that.  I have to jump through hoops to
get things on RADSAFE these days.

Do you think the people who compiled
http://maps.grida.no/go/graphic/trends-in-natural-disasters were
impaired too?

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> The root of the error is in inconsistent net present value
> calculations.  For example, the FAA uses an actuarial value of $7
> million/person, while the EPA uses a different value to protect people
> from accidental death due to floods.  But everything is interrelated,
> so it all hinges on the extent of health coverage, and we've been
> screwing that one up, too.  There are a few people with a vested
> interest in things not getting any better, e.g., coal and oil miners.
> Wind, water, and solar power are much less expensive than all the
> alternatives, even if you consider just a small subset of the
> externalities.  Nuclear, however, will be useful for colonization:
> http://www.kurzweilai.net/nasa-ames-worden-reveals-darpa-funded-hundred-year-starship-program
>  Especially since radiation dose in space is so much worse than under
> the atmosphere, we can't afford to launch that much shielding.
> What is the overall health risk ratio between x-ray backscatter
> scanner systems and vitrification freezers for 100kg organisms?
> As for immediate solutions, I recommend: http://dotyenergy.com in particular
> http://talknicer.com/doty/TransportFuels-final.pdf
> and http://windfuels.com/PDFs/WO2008115933.pdf

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