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Shane Connor webmaster at ki4u.com
Thu Sep 9 13:30:03 CDT 2010

At 12:32 PM 9/9/2010, you wrote:

>With all due respect to Dr. Brodsky, the history of the past fifty 
>years has demonstrated pretty conclusively that the American public 
>are uneducable.
>Clayton J. Bradt
>Principal Radiophysicist
>NYS Dept. of Health
>Biggs Laboratory, Room D486A
>Empire State Plaza
>Albany, NY 12201-0509

Sadly, too true, Clayton, there is a lot of evidence of that.

But, I've got to wonder, even here amongst the well educated
members of this forum, how many of us had instructed our
own children to resist running to the nearest windows with all
their schoolmates to see what that 'big flash' was across town,
but to instead promptly 'duck & cover' in-place?

While many might not be teachable, still many others who could
be are not being taught even the basics that could greatly reduce
their odds of they becoming additional unnecessary casualties.

BTW, if any here think 'duck & cover' would be futile, please read
the proposal first and then below it, the third comment there...


Shane Connor

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