[ RadSafe ] Spent Nuclear Fuel Utilization

Jerry Cohen jjc105 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 22 17:45:18 CDT 2010

Mike,  Great idea, but how could we assure that radiation exposures to these 
"future species" would comply with ALARA requirements?    Jerry

PS- Never mind! I'm afraid that DOE or NRC might  take it seriously and put out 
an RFP for some contractor to study the problem :-)

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For the stuff your REALLY will never want again, rather than drop it
into the deepest part of the ocean, drop it into deep ocean subduction
zones, on the side sliding under the other tectonic plate.  After a
quick trip to the mantel and back up through volcanoes, the species that
replaces the species that replaces mankind can deal with what hasn't

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