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Sun Sep 26 23:41:43 CDT 2010

Hello Radsafe,
      This is from:  _jpreisig at aol.com_ (mailto:jpreisig at aol.com)   .
       Hope you all are well and that your  work week is starting off OK.
       I am a health physicist/geophysicist,  but certainly not a radiation 
biologist.  My education related to
Cancer comes from courses at Rutgers Radiation Science Department in  
Radiation Chemistry and
Radiation Biophysics.  The second course was based on Eric Hall's book  
radiation biology/radiology.
       Clearly, people are making headway in  the world of cancer by doing 
human genome mapping.
Genetic "switches" control organ size , weight, composition, physical and  
chemical properties, etc,
       Some cancers are caused by  introduction of irritants and/or 
carcinogens into a Human's bodily
system.  Persons exposed one time only or continually have various  degrees 
of susceptibility to
the introduced irritants/carcinogens.  Some body organs or bodily  defense 
systems can fight cancer
well or at some lesser level.  Man seems to fight cancer by removing  
cancer cells, removing humans
from the vicinity of carcinogens, etc.  Perhaps, after (or before)  Cancer 
surgery radiation and/or
Chemotherapy are used to treat cancers.  With all the preceding, one  is 
trying to remove cancer from
a Human's body.
        Sometimes, cancer may be caused  by blockages in bodily blood 
vessels, other organ pathways,
structural defects causing biological transport systems to not work  
properly, etc.
       I think one more process is going  on, and you can verbally harrass 
me, if this idea is already known
or doesn't make much sense.  The body, via cancer's explosive growth,  is 
trying to lessen the 
relative strength/concentration of an irritant/carcinogen in the  body.  If 
cancer cells grow and individually
grow larger, the ratio of irritant/carcinogen mass to tissue mass/volume  
decreases.  Do with this idea
what you will.  Individual organ DNA parameters may actually control  how 
quickly the cancer grows,
latency time, etc.
        Enough of that for now.
        Excuse me, but there's a fellow  in the Middle East right now who 
has hundreds to thousands of
centrifuges, perhaps more.  Do you really think he has all this to  produce 
5% enriched reactor fuel.
Someone has his sights set on weapon/device production.  What is  driving 
this person's
        Read in the HP Society  Newletter/Magazine that an early Health 
Physicist was responsible for
transferring information about Polonium triggers/bomb intitiators to the  
Soviet Union way back when, thus
accelerating Soviet efforts to create and test early nuclear devices.   
Bad, Bad, Bad!!!!
        Well, again, have a good week at  work.
        Regards,      Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig, PhD

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