[ RadSafe ] How many RadSafers? Complete translation of the relevant text.

Bjorn Cedervall bcradsafers at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 1 16:09:59 CDT 2011

OK – I apologize.  Here is a complete translation of the relevant text. The four brown buttons at the top:
1. Gör Din knapp = Make your own button.
2. Teman = Themes
3. Topplista = Top list (=top ranking)
4. Info = Information
Topplistan = The top list
På topplistan hittar Du dom 30 populäraste knapparna just nu = At the top list you will find the 30 most popular buttons right now.
Gillar du någon knapp extra mycket kan du ge den en röst eller varför inte köpa den! = If you like some button particularly much you can give it your vote or why not buy it!
Knappar med de högsta poängen = Buttons with the highest points.
Poäng = Point(s)

Kärnkraft = Nuclear Power
Beställ eller redigera en knapp = Order or edit a button.
välj om du vill göra ändringar på knappen eller om du vill gå vidare och beställa den = Choose if you want to make changes to the button or if you want to continue and order it.
Beställ knappen här = Order the button here,
Redigera knapp = Edit the button.
Rösta = Vote
Vad tycker du om knappen på en skala 1-10? = What do you think about the button on a scale 1-10?
Ifall en knapp får hög poäng hamnar den på sidans toplista, och kanske t.o.m. på förstasidan = If a button gets a high score it will end up on the top list of the page, or may be even on the first page.
Rösta = Vote
Denna knapp har fått 83 röster och har 8.37 poäng! = This button has received 83 votes and has 8.37 points"
Tycker Du att denna knapp eller kommentar ska bort från hemsidan? = Do you think that this button or comment should be removed frpm the home page?
Knapplänk = Button link
Knappoäng = Button point(s)
Kärnkraft = Nuclear power
Dela på Facebook = Share on Facebook.
Tillbaka = Back (=previous page)
Kommentera = Comment (imperative)
Ditt namn = Your name
Din kommentar = Your comment
Presentation om knappfabriken hittar du på KNAPP.SE = You can find a presentation about the button factory at KNAPP.SE
The other necessary translational ingredients were presented in my first email.
Any bad translation must be blamed on my High School Michigan (for not teaching me proper English) which I graduated from long ago. Other RadSafers can check or correct if necessary.
Key links again:
As the Earth is constantly turning it is inevitable that some Radsafers almost always will have workhours at a given time. 20 + votes now BTW.
Bjorn Cedervall
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> First I can't always respond immediately, I still have to do my job. Second, I am limited by one language and do not feel comfortable voting in a language I can't comprehend.
> Sorry,
> John
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> > I posted the message below about 4 hours ago and notice that there
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> > a reflection - how many are we actually in this forum?
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