[ RadSafe ] Developing Body of Evidence to Refute Mangano and Colleagues

Roger Helbig rhelbig at sfo.com
Fri Apr 8 22:35:58 CDT 2011

In Mangano, Sherman, Bertell and other's news release, which has been widely
circulated amongst the "Green" community, they mention that they have
published 27 medical journal articles and three books (so don't question
these experts) - they do not mention the uselessness of "tooth fairy"
project or that Bertell has actively claimed that the University of Alaska
HAARP research facility has caused great earthquakes (her disciple Leuren
Moret has made claim that HAARP is instrument of "tectonic warfare" and that
elicits a chorus of guffaws from geologists who have been made aware of
that) - what would really be useful is a compendium of each of these
articles and books (including the Chernboyl 1,000,000 dead claim from NY
Academy of Sciences) and the articles, etc. that refute these - Christopher
Busby should be added to the list - Moret cites Busby's claim that Fukushima
will cause something like 400,000 additional cancer deaths in her latest
claim that the northern 1/3 of Honshu is uninhabitable (guess the people who
are beginning to rebuild there don't think much of Moret or don't have the
internet access - Moret, though, sadly has had fools fund trips to Japan for
her before and she delights in free travel at other people's expense and her
attorney friend Alfred Lambremont Webre, better known in the past for his
claimed encounters with extraterrestrial beings, is a shameless and prolific
publicicst.   These people intend to feather their own nests well by
catering to those who want to forever ban nuclear power.


Rest of article (that was posted earlier) snipped to focus solely on the
cast of characters who have made the claims 

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