[ RadSafe ] Developing Body of Evidence to Refute Mangano andColleagues

Roger Helbig rhelbig at sfo.com
Mon Apr 11 06:25:02 CDT 2011

I am attempting to determine if Member of the Scottish Parliament Dr Bill
Wilson, has sent anyone any kind of letter.  His blog does attack my
advising him of the many falsehoods that my research into military and other
records have exposed in the claims by Douglas Lind Rokke, a close Busby
associate.  The blog, though, did not cross the line of naming me.  I thus
rather doubt that the Member of Scottish Parliament (not the UK Parliament
as claimed by Busby) would resort to complaining to the Ambassador of the
United States about my e-mailing him with pesky facts that he chooses to

Roger W Helbig

MSP Dr Bill Wilson has Facebook page and blog - 


MSP Wilson is another one of those PhD types that throws the Dr around like
he is an MD - now, I see that he is not - glad I decided to look up the page
before sending this e-mail.

" researcher in ecology, studying topics as diverse as arable land
biodiversity, insect forest pests and small mammal ecology.  He completed
his research career by spending a year writing training manuals for
university researchers.  After a gap year, travelling in South America, he
moved into information technology.   In the years immediately preceding his
election Bill was a statistician working for a public agency.  He
investigated aspects of education provision in Scotland."

He clearly has all the qualifications for being "expert" in depleted uranium
- I wonder how the ICBUW got through to him - 

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Nobody is feathering nests Roger, and I hope you tell the radsafers that the
UK Member of Parliament Bill Wilson has made a FORMAL complaint to the US
Ambassador to the UK about your libellous letters about these people and
about me to my university and to the peer review journals that publish my
Chris Busby

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