[ RadSafe ] OSU Update - Alumni Action to preserve science over political bribe

Howard howard.long at comcast.net
Mon Apr 11 18:50:44 CDT 2011

New info from Art Robinson .
Howard Long
Dear Friends,

A group of prominent Oregon State University alumni are working to save the Robinson students and Professor Higginbotham. These include former OSU class officers, former OSU alumni association officers, OSU alumni with engineering degrees, and substantial OSU alumni donors. The core working group includes Kenneth W. Noteboom, William H. Rieckmann, Michal Rieckmann, Jim Schaeffer, Jane S. Schaeffer, and Dave Socolofsky.

Already this alumni group has offered OSU a scholarship and equipment fund to pay for the Robinson students’ PhD work. They have also offered to pay significant legal fees incurred "should the OSU administration pursue a logical, timely, efficient, and least costly method of resolving the issues with minimum harm to the students’ education, Professor Higginbotham, and the reputation of the university."

These alumni lack one thing - cooperation from OSU. So far, their offers have been ignored by the President of OSU and the faculty administrators involved.
Surely, as this alumni group grows, the OSU Administration will respond.



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