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I had the same question - why were all these other countries excluded? In addition - Jan-March + June 1986 could have been included in the data - it would have been easy to include these months so why was that not done?
The paper is free to download from the Internet. An interesting feature seems to be that you have to pay (quite much) to get your paper published.
While we look at this leukemia and Chernobyl paper CB could perhaps explain the status of "European Journal of Biology and Bioelectromagnetics".
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BTW, where are all the stats for the other EU countries??? BeNeLux, England, France, Ireland, Italy... 
> Please don't try to tell me it didn't rain down on those country's as well (and thus your random cattle/milk distributions) as your handpicked Germany, Wales (since proved erroneous), etc... I lived in Brussels from '76 to '79, and visited almost all of the current EU, as well as the USSR.
> If only I had the time... and didn't actually have to WORK for a living, actually PROTECTING people from REAL radiological hazards...
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> > Busby, C.C. Very Low Dose Fetal Exposure to Chernobyl Contamination Resulted in Increases in Infant Leukemia in Europe and Raises Questions about Current Radiation Risk Models. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2009, 6, 3105-3114.

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