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My friend Blaine Howard has asked me to post this to the list for him.  

Roger Helbig

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Dear Roger,
  I have revised my one page evaluation of the radiation  risks from the
leaking reactors in Japan.  A copy is attached.
  The difference from Bobby Scott's presentation is that I do not rely on
radiation hormesis and I do not even challenge the LNT.  The thing I rely on
is the agreement of scientists that doses below 5 to 10 rem (50 to 100 mSv)
do not have any convincing evidence of radiation effects (cancers).  I did
not quote the Health Physics Society statement that. below 5 to 10 rem, the
effects are either too small to observe or non existent, because I did not
want to add another page.  But these claims are defensible without
challenging the LNT and should carry more weight with the general public.
  I do not know how to post it to the RadSafe site but would like to have it
available to anyone to use to calm the public fear involved.  Will you post
it for me?  As I have put it in my paper "If the Japanese shouldn't worry,
why should we?".  I don't want to see people accepting Chris Busby's
estimate of 400,000 extra cancer deaths.  If we accept the hormesis  model,
we could expect that many cancer deaths averted.
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