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Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at chello.at
Tue Apr 19 16:38:19 CDT 2011

Otto (and RADSAFErs),

Do you really think you can convince somebody like Busby, who's credentials
are more than vague (how often have I myself been a visiting scientist at a
university???, I have also been professor and a highly ranked government
employee with respect to radiation protection). Busby holds "positions" at
fake "European commissions", cites fake journals for his scientific
credentials. He works with a self declared "German Radiation Protection
Association", which is nothing but a bunch of radical anti-nuclear people,
some of whom have been threatened to be thrown out by their universities
because of confirmed falsification of data, whose attempted contributions to
international conferences have been harshly refused not only because of lack
of scientific substance, but also because the co-authors cited did not know
about their honor and fiercly refused to be named in connection with the
rubbish of Schmitz-Feuerhake  and who have nothing to do with the world
renown "German-Swiss Fachverband für Strahlenschutz".  

I am tired of fighting windmills (Don Quichote), so I keep this comment
rather short. 

Still a good question remains - how is Busby making his money for living?
How much does he earn by his many involvements into US law-cases? What are
his contributions to them, how does he get into this "inner circle" of
"experts", though all really knowledgable scientists regard him as a
charlatan? How much does he earn by presenting his queer ideas at various
anti-nuclear groups and their meetings? 

I have for instance worked three weeks for the IAEA as the head of the
Terrestrial Working Group of the Mururoa Project, collecting samples, doing
on site dose measurements. Transport to Mururoa, lodging and food was
provided by the French Government and I received from the IAEA a per diem of
40 (fourty) US$. This was just enough to call from time to time to my
children, who spent vacations in Finland at their Finnish grandparents farm.
So much for "being bribed" by the IAEA to cover up the deadly effects of the
nuclear tests. 

Busby excuses himself, that many European state have not provided data on
cancers or whatsoever to "us". I do not think that any European state is
obliged to send data on whatsoever to whomsoever and especially not to
Busby, who is not even known to most (if not all) European scientists and
sure not at all to any government. It should be the task of him to search
for the data actively, contacting foreign authorities and probably medical

I noticed that Busby is not really answering straight questions, but starts
to ridicule those who are opposed to his tactics. He is clearly a very good
example for the saying: 

Don't disturb me with facts, I have made up my mind.

All of his "reasoning" and his mails are disgusting. 

I would appreciate any serious comment to this mail.

Best regards,


Franz Schoenhofer, PhD
MinRat i.R.
Habicherg. 31/7
A-1160 Wien/Vienna

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April  19, 2011

Claims of an epidemic of cancer from the 
Chernobyl accident have not been validated. There 
was no apparent major effects of widespread 
public exposure to ionizing radiation from the 
Chernobyl accident except for thyroid disease 
associated with very high acute radiation doses 
from short-lived 131I in milk. See World Health 
Organizion (WHO), Health Effects of the Chernobyl 
Accident and Special Health Care Programmes, 
Geneva, Switzerland: World Health Organization 
2006, and also Z. Jaworowski,Observations on the 
Chernobyl Disaster and LNT. Dose Response 8: 148–171; 2010.


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