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Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Wed Apr 20 20:38:31 CDT 2011

April 20

         Of Busby, Wikipedia says (in part):

"Busby obtained a BSc in Chemistry with First Class Honours from the 
University of London, and then did research for the Wellcome 
Foundation (applying spectroscopic and analytical methods to chemical 
pharmacology and molecular drug interactions). He became and elected 
member of the Royal Society of Chemistry. He later gained a PhD in 
Chemical Physics at the University of Kent, researching Raman 
spectro-electrochemistry."  [citation omitted, and links omitted]

         Wikipedia also notes that Busby is "known for his 
controversial theories about the negative health effects of very 
low-dose ionising radiation."  [link omitted]

         For all we know, Busby may be the best chemist in the 
UK.  He is not a health physicist.

Steven Dapra

At 09:09 AM 4/20/2011, you wrote:
>I don't understand all this criticism of Chris Busby. I used google 
>to find http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_Busby  to looked at 
>his background and he looks like a scientist we should encourage 
>discussion with. I am an "internal dosimetrist" and one of the items 
>given in the web site I would like to hear more about is the "Second 
>Event Theory" which
>distinguishes between hazards of external and internal radiation.
>  Chris is no relation of Bruce Busby from Seattle as far as I know
>John R Johnson, PhD
>4535 West 9th Ave
>Vancouver, B. C.
>V6R 2E2, Canada
>idias at interchange.ubc.ca

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