[ RadSafe ] Chris Busby (Otto G. Raabe and Ayn Rand)

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
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April 24

         Michael Stabin is politely reminding us that we should not 
feed internet trolls.  My best guess  is that he is alluding to you, 
Chris Busby.  By feeding, he meant debating with trolls, or trying to 
reason with them.  (Unlike Michael Stabin, I'm not polite --- at 
least not right at the moment --- so I'll point it out in plain English.)

         Below, you (CB) invoke Nature as a publication that is 
worthy of our notice.  In another e-mail, you wrote, "The data from 
other publications in BMJ and Nature and various other rags."  All of 
a sudden Nature is a "rag."  What happened, Chris?  Are the man who 
is described in James 1:8?

         Who is GA Sacher?  Again, you provide no citation.  Yes, you 
have on occasion in the past, but only after you were asked and asked 
and asked. . . .

         Your sarcasm is unbecoming, especially for someone who is 
haranguing us about science, models, and peer review.  It causes you 
to look suspiciously like a troll.

Steven Dapra

At 09:33 AM 4/24/2011, you wrote:

>Dear Mr Stabin,
>What exactly is the purpose of your email to the group?
>You were asked to look at and compare with your risk model a paper 
>on infant leukemia after Chernobyl, published in peer review and 
>based on several other papers also published in peer review 
>literature including Nature. In what way is that anything to do with 
>internet trolls whatever they are?
>Otto has data on dogs exposed to huge amounts of radium, plutonium 
>etc. His own papers comment that the controls had levels of lung 
>cancer which were impossibly high for dogs. That is a fact. You like 
>facts. That makes his results questionable even for dogs. But I was 
>not making much out of it. It is the human data, the infant leukemia 
>that you must explain. Humans are not dogs, no matter how much Otto 
>would like them to be. In fact radiation rsistance in mammals is 
>proportinal to life span (GA Sacher). Did you know that? Probably not.
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>I'm following this for weeks now, but still not understanding. Otto 
>has actual data and rational conclusions based on those data. I wish 
>more health physicists and regulators were paying attention to his 
>very important publications, most notably Health Phys. 
>98(3):515-536; 2010. I can't understand how science has become so 
>irrelevant to scientists, while the 'perception is reality' insanity 
>continues to rule. The Atlas Shrugged movies continue to take on new 
>relevance 53 years later after the publication of the book.
>You all are intelligent people, but have not yet learned the decades 
>old axiom of not feeding internet trolls. They are hungry always, 
>and the more you feed them the more they want. Starve them of 
>attention and they go elsewhere. As soneone noted we are REAL people 
>to protect from REAL radiation hazards, can we stick to that, eh? 
>Sorry if I'm out of line with this suggestion on this listserve. 
>Flame on, trolls! I will ignore your blather while doing actual 
>radiation safety work here.
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