[ RadSafe ] Iodine, DDP , Nuclear elec. generation

Howard howard.long at comcast.net
Mon Apr 25 11:15:35 CDT 2011

HHaden on nuc gen of elecricity,
 B Scott on low dose rad. effects, 
A Brodsky on rad monitoring,
D Miller on sat fats (iodine questions)
are speakers with 10 others at Doctors for Disaster Preparedness meeting
(all welcome to question, but speakers use tech language).
 Sheraton Albuquerque Airport July 16, 17.
Tour of Los Alamos July 15 needs passport, prompt res.

Dr Orient (DDP Pres and Exec.), in Civil Defense Perspectives March '11 notes:
4 drops, 120mg/day for 100 days, (2 drops/d if under 1 year age) of sat sol KI
was recommended by Cresson Kearney in Nuclear War Survival Skills.
She also refs for health benefits of more iodine,

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