[ RadSafe ] Usa of CT Scans in the Disaster in Alabama

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Dear Group:


A classmate of mine wrote the following related to the use of CT scans for
children injured in the Alabama tornado on Wednesday.


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Here was a message of the CEO of Children's Hospital yesterday. On a usual
night we do 10-15 CT scans. Wed night we did 180 scans- what a wonderful
tool CT is for trauma patients- it certainly saved many lives as we used it.




As of 9:45 a.m. this morning, we have admitted 34 patients at Children's and
there are currently 7 more patients in the Emergency Department, certainly
some of whom will be admitted.  Six patients were treated and discharged.
Additionally, one patient was pronounced dead on arrival.  The total number
of children seen is currently 48 but there will likely be more injured
children sent to Children's today. 

Our team continues to function at a very high level and is ready to handle
whatever comes our way.  

Stuart A. Royal, M.S., M.D.


Children's Health System

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