[ RadSafe ] Reporter's question about lower limits of detection

franz.schoenhofer at chello.at franz.schoenhofer at chello.at
Sat Aug 6 11:36:54 CDT 2011


I am surprised to read "Chris Busby" as the person sending a contribution. So he still has not understood that he is not welcome on this list, though not having been banned yet, this fate seemed to be pending above those who criticized his unbelievable statements, including me. Furthermore his comment is very difficult to detect within the hundreds of lines he copied of other contributors. 

He still uses the same old trick for his messages - first citing very lenghty other statements and then adding a few lines with his wrong statements, obviousoly hoping that the readers have become tired enough to accept them. I knew one Austrian much to well, who used in discussions the same method: Talking, talking, talking nonsense, until everybody was tired and simply wanted to end the discussion and the wasting of time and "agreeed". Is this Chris Busby really not able to clearly separate his comment or put it in front of his messages? Or is he really following the above mentioned concept?

Could not the listowner demand a kind of structuring of comments, prohibiting repeating previous messages over and over again, followed by  a few lines of response, which are of no importance and only take bandwidth? 

The message I will answer in a scientific manner soon. And now I delete all the previous messages that have been forwarded. 

---- "Busby schrieb:

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