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Dear Radsafe,
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        Hope all is well where you live  and work.
        What follows is a bit off topic,  but it concerns human body 
information which some of us
work on.   I know physics, geophysics, some fluid dynamics,  health 
physics, radiation physics, etc.
My biochemistry, microbiology, organic chemistry training is a bit  
        Diseases like Parkinsons,  Alzheimers etc are possibly due to 
clogging of the brain with
body plaques, clots etc as the body ages.  In heart disease, sometimes  
these plaques are
cleared using HCL compounds, aspirin, etc.  Advanced plaque clogging  of 
the heart is treated
via bypass surgery and balloon expansion in arteries.  Surgery to  
eliminate or minimize plaque 
clotting in the brain would probably prove to be difficult.  Maybe  someday 
we'll do things like
transplanting 1/4 of a brain or whatever.
       I suspect early Alzheimers and  Parkinsons diseases might also be 
treated using HCl compounds,
aspirin etc.  Perhaps eating ordinary oranges would help  also,
      Once brain passages are clogged  significantly, there is trouble 
getting oxygen to the brain.
Oxygen deficit causes death or damage to nerves in the brain.  Once  nerves 
are damaged, 
perhaps body muscles (and automatic motor control systems) start to  fail.
      If enough of all this happens, the body will  die.
      Possibly, nerves so damaged could be  restored to function via 
restoration of oxygen to the brain.
Use hyperbaric oxygen treatments????
      Other diseases like Muscular  Dystrophy or Multiple Sclerosis might 
also have some genesis
due to oxygen deficit in other parts of the body also.  Nerves and  muscles 
start to fail, sometimes
over multiple years.  Other causes are also possible.  My  knowledge of 
these diseases is
limited.  Imagine a pair of lungs or a heart that cannot supply  
blood/oxygen to some specific
part of the body.  
      Seeing the young man from Rutgers, who was  injured during a football 
game, stand on his own lately
(after a spinal injury) suggests that considerable nerve /spinal cord  
regeneration is 
possible in life.
       I know this isn't directly related to  radiation.  Sorry.  
       Oh, to do some crude calculation of  radioisotopes (radon???) in the 
St. Lawrence Seaway,
find the length of the seaway and its average gross sectional  area 
(perpendicular to the water flow).
Estimate from river flow rate, how much water flows through the whole  
seaway in one year.
Then consider how much radon leaks into the St. Lawrence riverbed in one  
year.  Compute the
river bed average area over the length of the river: this is done by  
finding the length of the river and
multiplying by the average river cross-section (a  length???).  Then factor 
in how much radon is
leaked from a square foot (or whatever) of riverbed soil.  Find out  how 
much radon leaks from the riverbed
into the river.  Check your units etc.  I don't know the answer  --- some 
radsafe person from Canada
originally asked this question????  Does the radon stay in the river  water 
or does it just bubble through the 
water and exit through the river's surface???  Is the factor of river  
laminar versus turbulent flow a
factor in all this????  Dilution is the solution to  pollution.???
        Maury, did you get another  Dog???
       Regards,   Joseph R. (Joe)  Preisig, PhD

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