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Perle, Sandy sperle at mirion.com
Mon Aug 8 16:48:13 CDT 2011

Jeff. Amen for nuclear medicine. Coincidentally, just came back home after
spending the day at the University of California Medical Center Nuclear
Medicine Department (a fantastic medical institution). Pick any topic and
you'll find those who agree, those who don't and those who don't have an
opinion. When it comes to nuclear, I'd expect more to be on the "don't
agree side". Can't really blame them, when scientists can't agree whether
there are positives or negatives, what is low dose safety and what is not.
Regulators jump on an industry when necessary, and when they do so, the
impression has to be from a lay person's perspective, that this must be
dangerous. When the industry publishes every incident, no matter how
small, once again, the perception from the lay person has to be, this must
be bad stuff. When the industry publishes that radiation workers were
exposed to radiation (now why is this a surprise), the media picks up on
this and again, this must be bad stuff.

Want to blame anyone? Blame ourselves, we, the industry, since we
exaggerate every little exposure, so you really can't blame those who

Bottom line, no matter what one's philosophy, belief or position, they
should not be ridiculed and shown any disrespect. This has got to stop.
It's very negative and unbecoming, and Radsafe suffers in the end.



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On 8/8/11 2:38 PM, "Jeff Terry" <terryj at iit.edu> wrote:

>I agree that poor methodology was used. People have offered suggestions
>as to how to improve it.
>It is pointless to argue. Chris Busby's current belief is that nuclear is
>I am a very strong supporter of Nuclear Power now. I was not always. Over
>time I came to the realization that humanity does not survive without
>access to cheap, reliable energy.
>The nuclear industry provides baseload power cheaply and safely. It is
>there when people need it. See
>http://bit.ly/o8Rn6O for load vs wind availability in Texas now in the
>middle of a heat wave. Talk about anticorrelation, there it is.
>Through nuclear medicine, it brings people back from the dead. What more
>can you ask from an industry?
>I changed my mind. Maybe, others can too. In my experience, one can
>politely disagree, offer suggestions, and continue talking.
>Alternately, we can call each other idiots, but then we would be
>politicians instead of scientists.

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