[ RadSafe ] Thyroid bioassay pointers

Kulp, Jeffrey B kulpjb at wsu.edu
Mon Aug 15 10:56:21 CDT 2011

Hello Radsafers,

I am trying to set up an I-131 thyroid bioassay system using the remnants of an old system. I am a novice when it comes to setting a monitoring system like this up; I understand how NaI detectors work, and how the multichannel analyzer shows a peak that can be interpreted as CPM. The efficiency factor has to be determined using a thyroid phantom and a known amount of I-131. If anyone would like to share their experience in this arena, or guide me to a tutorial for setting this type of system up, I would appreciate it. I would be happy to take your responses on the list or contact me directly.


Jeff Kulp
Washington State University
Radiation Safety Office
Pullman, WA 99164-1302
(509) 335-8175
kulpjb at wsu.edu

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